Black is Beautiful: Dewey brewery joins 900+ breweries in special brew to honor Black Lives Matter

DEWEY BEACH, Del. – Brewing for Black Lives Matter, that’s what one brewery in Dewey Beach is doing, but they’re joined by nearly one thousand breweries nationwide on the same mission.

“We first heard about the Black is beautiful beer first on Instagram, we saw some of our friends throughout the country were participating in it,” Brandon Smith, the co-owner of Dewey Beer Company, said.

Smith says when he saw the Black Lives Matter movement spreading nationwide, he starting brewing up ideas of how to get involved.

“During that whole time we were looking and trying to think about how to get involved and this is right down our alley, brewing a fantastic beer,” he said.

Smith got his team together and got started on the Black is Beautiful brew, a recipe created by a brewery in Texas that has now been crafted in over 900 breweries across the country. But smith says while they got the recipe from the creator, they put their own tasty twist on it.

“Throughout the recipe we can do some of our own fun things with it, so it will be a 10% stout, and it’s actually going to be a marshmallow and mnm stout,” he explained.

While the beer is sure to taste good on your tongue, Smith says there’s a deeper meaning.

“The message behind the beer is to get active, to get active specifically locally,” he said. That’s something that his team has taken to heart and done.

“We contacted Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice and basically said, ‘hey here’s what we’re kind of thinking, do you think this will help? We want to get involved,'” Smith said.

The brew will be all canned up and up for sale in about two weeks, but Smith says they’re not stopping there.

“It’s a start, it’s really just a start, so we’re committed long-term, so we’re just going to keep rolling,” he said.

Smith says they started brewing the beer last week, so once it’s done, it will be up for sale. He says 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice. If you’re interested in buying the beer once it’s available, you can check Dewey Beer Company’s Facebook page for updates.

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