Bill extending to go alcohol deadline heading to Governor John Carney’s desk

DELAWARE – A bill that would allow Delaware restaurants to continue serving to go alcohol until March of next year is heading for Governor John Carney’s desk. Legislators say that the bill is designed to help restaurants with a valid liquor license to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mango’s and Heidaway owner Alex Heidenberger tells 47ABC that if this bill is approved, it would come with pros and cons. “The situation we’re in right now is not ideal for restaurant operators, but the to go alcohol aspect has significantly helped,” said Heidenberger.

Heidenberger says that while to go alcohol has been helpful in surviving the pandemic, community safety takes top priority. “I would like to do some more community outreach with the town of Bethany and maybe even some of the other local businesses with how we can – if we’re going to be doing this – be smart. We don’t have to have anyone abusing it,” said Heidenberger.

Heidenberger says that his customers have been giving positive feedback about to go alcohol, but he hopes that the restaurant industry can have some input in making safety regulations for the bill. “You come up with these rules, these laws. Even though there is a pandemic, there’s not much input from the restaurant industry with how we could be safer. I think providing that real time input to the state from an actual experienced operator’s perspective would be how we would move forward with the entire to go alcohol thing,” said Heidenberger.

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