Resort towns react to short term rental ban ending in Delaware

DELAWARE – As Delaware approaches phase one of reopening on June first, Governor John Carney announced on Tuesday that as part of that he will lift the short term rental ban.

“As of June 1, we will lift the short term rental ban and the mandatory 14-day quarantine for out of state travelers,” Governor Carney said in an afternoon press briefing.

It’s an announcement that sent some resort towns, including Dewey Beach, into planning mode.

“Everybody is excited to be able to move into what might be a normal summer vacation time in Dewey,” Dewey Beach Mayor Dale Cooke said.

Mayor Cooke says having rentals accessible in the town is a game changer, as a large number of residents in the small resort town rely on the revenue the rentals bring in every summer.

“The majority of the houses are rental houses during the summer, people are able to pay their mortgages with the rent they make through the summer, and would not be able to if the ban had gone on for much longer,” he said.

But Mayor Cooke says it stretches past the rental units themselves and that bringing tourists back to the state will bring money across the board.

“If you don’t have rental houses, you don’t have accommodation tax for the town, you don’t have people going to the businesses, if you don’t have the businesses you don’t have the town,” he said.

And while it’s an exciting time, Governor John Carney stressed on Tuesday that he and his team would not have made this decision if it weren’t for the cooperation and understanding that Delawareans have shown over the last three months.

“We thank all the Delawareans for wearing face masks, for social distancing and staying home,” Governor Carney said.


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