PRMC President: Every hospital has been financially challenged during pandemic

SALISBURY, Md. – The President and CEO of Peninsula Regional Medical Center tells 47 ABC every hospital in the country has been financially impacted by COVID-19.

While PRMC is a non-profit hospital, Steve Leonard says they have two main sources of revenue to help pay for hospital staff and resources: the unexpected things that come through the emergency room and elective surgeries, which generate most of a hospital’s revenue. Leonard says PRMC was financially stable before the pandemic but being able to safely resume elective procedures will ensure they stay in that position.

“It’s the surgeries that generate more of the profitability of the hospital than the ER typically. So when that stopped all hospitals in the country lost a significant portion of their revenue stream yet at the same time we are maintaining expenses to care for COVID patients. And that’s created significant challenges,” says Leonard.

Leonard also tells 47 ABC they’ve noticed that people are ignoring signs and symptoms of life threatening scenarios longer than they would’ve before because they’re afraid of the coronavirus. So PRMC is working with health departments to educate the public about the extensive protocols they have in place so patients know it’s safe to visit the hospital.