PRMC holds graduation for nursing students

SALISBURY, Md – In the most uncertain of times Peninsula Regional Medical Center wanted their nursing students to know one thing for certain, that they are appreciated.

According to a press release when nursing director Tom Jones and Progressive Care Unit clinical manager Maria Tawes learned that nine employees were graduating from nursing school and wouldn’t get to take part in the traditional ceremony, they and their team stepped up to plan a safe, socially distanced celebration to mark the occasion and to thank them for joining the nursing profession at such a crucial time.

“As with many circumstances lately, we understood the need to do things differently, so we wanted to recognize those that had worked to achieve their goals,” Tawes said. “Although this ceremony was not what the graduates had envisioned, it was important to recognize and acknowledge that their hard work and dedication had not gone unnoticed.”

The graduation ceremony was held in PRMC’s Avery W. Hall Educational Center auditorium, which coincidentally enough used to house Peninsula General Hospital’s nursing school before the program moved to Salisbury University 40 years ago.

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