PRMC doctor: One COVID-19 case among a crowd outdoors is risky

SALISBURY, Md. – Dr. Chris Snyder at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury  says it’s important to know that as things open back up, the virus can still spread in outdoor settings like the park or beaches.

Dr. Chris Snyder tells 47 ABC that any virus has a higher chance of spreading indoors where air is not circulating as much but it’s not impossible for it to spread outside especially when people are touching the same items. He says PRMC is still seeing a steady number of COVID-19 positive patients and as a doctor he’s always concerned about whether people are acting responsibly when it comes to their health.

“You’re putting a lot of trust in people to be responsible for their health care. I’d be frankly honest with you, most people will [be responsible]. All it takes is one though. One positive COVID walking around the boardwalk with a thousand people and all of a sudden you have an escalation of a whole different population,” says Dr. Chris Snyder, the Chief Quality Officer at PRMC.

Dr. Chris Snyder says about half or two thirds of what PRMC is doing on a day to day basis involves managing COVID-19 patients. They’re also now using blood plasma from people who have had COVID-19 and to help stimulate the antibody response in someone currently fighting off the virus.

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