People using Facebook to send gifts to high school seniors to celebrate their accomplishments

SALISBURY– A teacher at Bennett Middle School is stepping up to celebrate seniors since many of them had their senior experience ripped away from them due to COVID-19.

Holly Morgan created the Facebook page Wicomico County Adopt a Senior Class of 2020 because she knew that seniors were missing out on graduation parties, proms, and senior skip days.

On the Facebook page, people can adopt a senior and send them gifts to celebrate them graduating.

And get this, Morgan said her daughter actually ended up getting a gift from someone in England.

“I thought that this would be a good thing for someone to just recognize them, not just the school, which is recognizing everybody, this is a little more of a personal experience,” Holly Morgan, creator of Wicomico County Adopt a Senior Class of 2020, said.

Morgan said that anyone can adopt a senior in Wicomico County.

They just have to put the seniors picture on the page, write a description about them, and then someone can write a message saying they want to adopt the senior.

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