Md. Comptroller calls on state to begin allowing restaurants to serve customers outside

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Comptroller Peter Franchot is calling for the state of Maryland to begin the process of allowing restaurants to serve customers outside as soon as possible.

Franchot made the comments during Wednesday’s Board of Public Works meeting, and also took to social media to express his thoughts on the issue. Franchot says that while he does not believe indoor seating and service should resume just yet, this allowance is necessary to give the state’s restaurants a chance to survive.

Social distancing policies would still have to be followed, but Franchot says it can be done safely and would even be safer than indoor seating.

“Outdoor seating is far safer than indoor seating, and my fear is that if we don’t make this common sense policy adjustment sooner rather than later, we won’t have a restaurant industry left to save. In short, let’s do it safely, responsibly and soon,” Franchot stated.

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