May is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month in Maryland

MARYLAND – May is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month in Maryland. The Maryland Department of Transportation is reminding people to share the road. The department’s administrator says that traffic has gone down with the stay at home order being put in place. However, the number of crashes involving motorcycles hasn’t significantly dropped. “Traffic has gone down with the stay at home order and everybody is focused on public health, but even though traffic’s gone down about 45%, crashes involving motorcycles has only gone down about 11%,” said MDOT MVA administrator Chrissy Nizer.

Nizer says that as the weather gets warmer – it’s important to make sure people are being safe while riding or driving. “Every year about 70 people die in motorcycle crashes in Maryland, and we know that many of those fatalities have been during good weather months, between May and September. So this is really a critical time to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that we need to share the road with each other,” said Nizer.

According to the MDOT MVA, there are about 280,000 people with motorcycle licenses. Nizer says motorcyclists should wear protective equipment and use their signals. Meanwhile, Nizer also says drivers should be vigilant when changing lanes and should give motorcycles space. Property owners can also help by clearing lawn trimmings from roadways, as grass clippings can be very slick under motorcycle wheels.

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