Mandala Pies offering up sweet treats during pandemic

VIENNA, Md. – If your sweet tooth is in high gear, we know the perfect spot for you: Mandala Pies in Vienna is serving up sweet treats, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’ve been in business for three years, but we just opened our bakery in Vienna, Maryland, it was like four days before all of this started,” Owner Caitlin LaComb said.

Business for the bakery has been a whirlwind since the coronavirus pandemic began, but LaComb says she’s finding ways to stay involved with the community.

“Community building and being engaged in the community on a personal level and also for having a company is probably our most important priority that we have,” she said.

She says the nature of her business, making delicious, sweet, pies every day, helps her stay positive throughout the pandemic.

“The whole point of doing pie is because when you eat pie, it’s a celebration, it’s a happy experience, and you’re usually around people that you care about most,” she explained.

LaComb says her team will keep whipping up pies to keep their customers’ bellies full, but when it’s safe to do so, she’s looking forward to welcoming hungry customers inside her brand new bakery.

“You go out as a family for ice cream, we really think we can make that a thing for pie,” she said.

Mandala Pies is open for pick up at their pie window every Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. at 115 Old Ocean Gateway in Vienna. If you want to snag a sweet treat for yourself, you can head to the bakery to see what selections they have that day, or you can order online.

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