Fire officials: hand sanitizer could pose safety hazard in your car

ELLENDALE, Del. – If you keep hand sanitizer in your car, especially now that we’re in a pandemic, you may want to listen up because you may be risking your safety. New reports are coming out that hand sanitizers left in your vehicle on a warm day could actually cause it to explode. After a photo went viral of a car that was seriously damaged by a bottle of sanitizer, local fire departments are warning drivers of the potential fire risks. Officials say pump bottles pose a greater risk because vapors can leak into a hot car creating a combustible environment. While officials say the likelihood of this happening is not very high, it’s still important for people to safely store your hand sanitizer in room temperature places.

“I think for the most part it all depends on the conditions and the likelihood is very low, but you know what they say, never say never. There’s always a possibility. We just encourage everybody to follow the labeling and storage instructions on their bottles of hand sanitizer,” said Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association President, Jay Jones.

Health experts also say that there are concerns that leaving your hand sanitizer in a hot car could also make it less effective.

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