Dreamwakers inspires local students and teachers

DELAWARE – Local teachers are taking advantage of an organization that allows them to connect their classes with career mentors. Dreamwakers matches classes and what they’re learning with a leader that’s applying the same knowledge and skills.

Georgetown Middle School teacher Wendee Bull says the organization also works to match the demographics of the class with the speaker. “I think that the beginning of this remote learning process has been a lot of – I don’t want to say trial and error – but we’ve really just been trying to do what is best for kids while also being aware of their social emotional needs,” said Bull.

Bull tells us that the program provides a unique resource to teachers while they try to keep students engaged with remote learning. “It could become the new normal and just another classroom resource or classroom strategy, and I think that it allows for students to see outside of their homes and just still broaden their perspective with it,” said Bull.

Bull says the virtual meetings with speakers also helps students to learn communication and critical thinking skills. She says her classes are able to have fun while giving them a professional role model to look up to. “It works really well when once they have learned a concept or are in the middle of learning, especially if it’s a really difficult concept to talk to somebody that is not you and it’s not your parents about why it’s important,” said Bull.

Right now Dreamwakers is currently running a virtual sports series that runs all week long.  For more information on that series and Dreamwakers you can head to their website.

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