Del. Division of Public Health receives $67 million grant for expanded COVID-19 testing

DOVER, Del. – The Delaware Division of Public Health has announced that it was awarded a $67 million Epidemiology Laboratory Capacity (ELC) grant from the CDC to implement expanded testing capacity for COVID-19, as well as to support the establishment of a modernized public health epidemiologic surveillance system.

We’re told the funding will be used to hire staff for enhanced laboratory surveillance, informatics, and other workforce capacity. In addition, it will be used for strengthening laboratory testing, implementing new and advanced technologies for electronic data exchange at the public health lab, and improving surveillance and reporting of electronic health data. The grant will also help Delaware in creating a COVID-19 surveillance network to test symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals, with additional testing for vulnerable populations.

DPH typically receives $1.5 million in ELC grant funds every year, but due to the need to support COVID-19, all states received a greatly enhanced amount as well as a timeframe of 30 months to implement funding.

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