Deadstock SBY back open to customers with new rules to keep everyone safe


SALISBURY, Md.- Deadstock SBY is just one of many retail businesses that had to close its doors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We had the initial shock of being mandated to close our doors, it seems like something that was almost like a bad dream,” Drew Davis, owner and operator of Deadstock SBY, said.

But recently, this consignment shop was allowed to re-open under certain guidelines as part of phase one of Governor Larry Hogan’s roadmap to recovery plan.

“It was a really elating experience to be able to get back to what it is that we love to do,”Charlie Makoa, an employee at Deadstock SBY, said.

Deadstock SBY opened their store back up to customers on Saturday.

Davis told 47ABC that he’s overwhelmed with the support he got.

“That first day was actually our biggest day we’ve ever done in our Salisbury location, so I’m super grateful for everybody that’s came out and bought a pair of kicks during this time,” Davis said.

Davis said since re-opening he’s operated a little differently to keep everyone safe.

“We followed the under than 10 people in the store rule, we offered hand sanitizer to everybody walking in the door, and we required everybody to wear masks,” Davis said.

The store is even making sure the items they get are cleaned properly.

“When we do receive the shoes we also give them a cleaning, deodorizing and a sanitization, and we also wrap them in plastic,” Davis said.

While the experience of COVID-19 is something that no one could’ve imagined, employees here told 47ABC that this situation strengthened their bond with the community.

“I think it’s just a testament to this community and just how tight-knit we are,” Makoa said.

“Now, you kinda feel more resilient and stronger for it,” Davis said.

Deadstock SBY said they are open Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday by appointment, and on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 12-5 to all customers.

Davis said that he also has another Deadstock location on Ocean City’s boardwalk.

They are not open yet, but are in the process of planning how to do so.

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