Coalition hopes to overturn Gov. Hogan’s veto on pesticide bill

MARYLAND – While some farmers are happy that Governor Larry Hogan vetoed a bill relating to pesticides, other groups are pushing for more action.

Senate Bill 300 would have banned the use of chlorpyrifos for farms in the state, but the governor vetoed the bill last week. Now, the Smart on Pesticides Coalition says this chemical is toxic and harms childrens brain development.

The group says the legislation was backed by scientists, public health officials, and even some farmers.

Dawn Stoltzfus, an organizer with the group, says the chemicals are unsafe for human consumption under any circumstance.

“When EPA finished their scientific research, they found there were absolutely no safe levels of chlorpyrifos, there were no amounts that were safe for humans to come into contact with, so it is something that should absolutely be banned,” she said.

The Smart on Pesticides Coalition says the chemical also harms wildlife, including bees and pollinators, which are important to the agriculture industry on Delmarva.  The coalition says they hope to eventually overturn the veto.

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