Beebe Healthcare pushes to reach immigrant community amid pandemic


GEORGETOWN, Del. – Beebe Healthcare says they’re making strides when it comes to connecting with the immigrant community in Sussex County amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a disease that affects everybody and so I think there was an impact for many people to realize that there is a culturally competent healthcare system that they can rely on for their care,” said Dr. David Tam, CEO and President at Beebe Healthcare.

According to Dr. David Tam, the pandemic was an opportunity to strengthen critical relationships with organizations like La Esperanza and La Red Health Center, city officials. He says these partnerships help to identify the needs of the community such as information on the virus in different languages.

“It’s not simply just a matter of telling people what to do, but working with them and that’s where our community partnerships have been extremely beneficial as we take care of that community,” said Tam.

“With COVID-19, it’s a disease, but it’s also an eye-opener that when we do work together when we do partner with different organizations, such as Beebe and La Red, we achieve more,” said Gertha Jean, a board member at La Red Health Center.

Dr. Tam tells 47ABC his team also depends on drive-thru testing events as well as partnering with employers in the area to reach these vulnerable populations.

“So, one of the biggest things that happened as a result of this pandemic that I think is a silver lining in a gray or black cloud is the fact that my people here at Beebe Healthcare have had the opportunity to work at Mountaire to meet Haitian Creole employees or Latino workers,” said Tam.

And ultimately we’re told it’s these changes that will help make a difference.

“I think that’s one of the areas where we at Beebe Healthcare are looking forward to really pushing the envelope in terms of how to provide culturally-sensitive care for everybody here in Sussex County,” said Tam.

Westside Family Healthcare sent a statement to 47ABC about their partnership with Beebe Healthcare saying in part:

“Westside Family Healthcare was proud to support the successful, multiagency coalition lead by the dedicated team from Beebe in order to increase COVID-19 testing among communities in Sussex County.

We appreciated the opportunity to participate in educating Sussex County residents about the value of testing, and about how best to stop the spread of COVID-19 within their communities, because we believe that compassionate, culturally appropriate education about COVID-19 is critical to decreasing the infection rate in our most vulnerable communities.”

Dr. Tam also says a local Spanish-speaking radio station in Georgetown has also played an important role in helping them to share critical information about the coronavirus pandemic to the Hispanic community.

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