Three businesses giving gas to health care workers in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, Md.– Throughout this pandemic, we’ve seen businesses step up to help health care workers who are on the frontline of this battle against COVID-19, and Friday in Cambridge we saw yet another example of that.

Doctors and nurses in Cambridge were gifted with free gas thanks to three businesses paying it forward.

“I know they are a couple of generous small business people came together and we said hey we definitely have a backbone here we can definitely support those in need,” Hunter Fooks, owner of Johnny’s Tavern, said.

Johnny’s Tavern came up with the idea to donate gas to health care workers, Preston Automotive Group and Pep-up Inc. chipped in.

“We decided to participate, we told them we would match their donation, their contribution of 600, so in total we gave out 1200 gallons of fuel today,” Martin Pepper, Vice President of Pep Up Inc., said.

Those involved said it’s their way of showing appreciation for those working on the frontlines.

“It’s important that even in the hardest times that we still support our community members and we’re there for them and they know that we are there for them,” Nicole Gonzon, Executive Assistant for Preston Automotive Group, said.

And that appreciation was given right back.

“The guests that came through they were so kind and so grateful for what we were doing,” Gonzon said.

While the event was a success, Johnny’s Tavern hopes that others will jump on the bandwagon.

“It’s about paying it forward, so I’m hoping someone will take initiative to continue this effort,” Fooks said.

We are told that the event came together under 24 hours and started at 10 a.m.

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