Students facing changes that online AP exams are bringing in May

DELMARVA–With AP exams quickly sneaking up on high school students, some are feeling the constraints of what these tests will bring on May 11 through the 22.

“Kinda overwhelmed, I feel like I have to know everything and I feel like everything that I study is not going to be on the test,” Sydney Scharf, a senior at Delmar High School, said.

The College Board announced recently that high schoolers, like Sydney Scharf, will now have to take AP exams online, due to the coronavirus.

“What used to be a like a multiple choice test, which historically most students respond the best to, is now going to be a free form written answer test of only two
questions,” Nicole Scharf, mother of Sydney, said.

On top of that, students will also have a lock down put on their browser, so that they can’t cheat by going on google.

“It’s just that uncertainty like I know its going to be online and I know I’m going to have to type my answers, but what if something goes wrong because so many people are going to be taking it at one time,” Sydney said.

On the plus side, students said their teachers and the College Board are doing what they can to help by providing resources to do help them prepare.

“There’s like practice problems that they put out every single day, college board does, which are the people that run the AP tests, and we’ve been doing those to get an idea of what might on the test,” Sydney said.

At the end of the day though,  students said they have no other option but to make the best of the situation.

“I really have to buckle down and really get prepared for whatever may be on there, but overall I think I’ll be okay,” Sydney said.

We reached out to the college board and they told us taking a picture of handwritten work will also be an option during the exam.

We’re also told, they are working with partners to give students mobile tools to review AP content online and take the exams if needed.

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