Students asking for rent forgiveness from off-campus housing

SALISBURY, Md.– Salisbury University students have banned together to ask off-campus housing complexes for rent forgiveness because they said they can’t afford to pay rent due to the coronavirus.

“With being laid off and everything I just cant afford to stay here,” Carissa Antonis, SU student, said.

“Missing out on an hour week job does actually impact my ability to make payments,” Devin Neil, SU Student Government Association, said.

Due to the stay at home order and many not being to work during this trying time, SU students are scrambling to figure out how to pay their rent and they are looking to their housing complexes and landlords for a rent forgiveness plan.

“It’s wasting money, unfortunately they are paying for space they’re not living in, they’re not using and they’re trying to see what they can do,” Caitlin Nanos, Public Relations Officer for Graduate Student Council, said.

We are told some of these students are not getting the responses they want. That’s why one student, Carissa Antonis, created a petition to make her voice heard.

“I’ve emailed all of the properties at this point and the only person to respond to me has been University Orchard,” Antonis said. “I’ve been told by other people who have joined the petition they’re not getting responses either.”

Antonis is not standing alone in this fight she has the help of SU’s SGA and the Graduate Student Council.

“We sent a letter to the neighborhood compact committee and the different landlords for the housing organizations around campus asking what they are willing to do for students,” Neil said.

“It’s nice to see that fellow students are trying to fight for them and pretty much what Devin said we’re just hoping to see some sort of change,” Nanos said.

The Student Government said they work with a lot of these landlords and housing complexes at their undergrad housing fair and they feel these students should be helped during such a trying time.

“When it comes down to it it’s a relationship, it’s a two week streak we help and promote their business and if they are not being necessarily student centered that’s something we need to reevaluate,” Neil said.

Antonis did get a comment from University Orchard apartment complex and they said at this time they won’t shorten lease terms.

Neil told us he did hear that a few landlords are waiving fees for late payments.

We did reach out to many of the off campus student housing complexes, but they refused to comment.

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