“Sacrifice & Light”: Delaware photographer capturing virtual portraits of health care workers

MILFORD, Del. – Photographers are among those struggling to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic but one Delaware photographer has decided to use his spare time to offer free virtual portraits to health care workers around the world.

For John Mollura’s latest project, “Sacrifice and Light”, he asks his subjects two questions: What are some sacrifices you’ve had to make in this pandemic? What are some bright spots that you’ve seen?

“I do a video chat with them, project their image onto a set of hospital scrubs and basically do a photo session but it’s all done remotely,” says Mollura.

He tells 47 ABC that he wanted to do something to make a difference after hearing stories from health care workers, he personally knows. “Two of my good friends are in health care. One of them said she didn’t want to sleep in the same bed as her husband because she didn’t want to risk infecting him. My other friend said she hasn’t hugged her husband or kid in like a week or two.”

But the project also showcases the “light” these health care workers have seen amidst these hard times. “They’re just so thankful for the support that they’ve gotten from the community and how they really feel people are rallying behind them because it’s such a emotionally and also physical difficult time for them.”

He says he hopes to capture stories of health care workers from all sectors, from anywhere in the world. “It’s about chronicling this portion of history to properly chronicle history you need a huge cross section of people that are experiencing it.”

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