Recovery facilities in Wicomico County providing online resources during COVID-19

SALISBURY, Md.–Self-isolating may be the key to keeping people safe from the coronavirus, but for recovering addicts it’s presenting new challenges. With many of their in-person group meetings not happening,  instead they’ve had to go virtual.

“In a time like this when the stressors are so many more than we can even name, it’s a very tough time,” Curtis Paul, Executive Director at Resource Recovery Center, said.

Trying to manage daily routines can be a challenge during a global pandemic, especially for recovering addicts.

“It’s even rougher for those going through recovery or they recovered, but that doesn’t mean that they still are not at risk of utilizing their drug of choice,” Cynthia Shifler, an Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Coordinator, said.

Right now, many recovery facilities are not holding in-person meetings or support groups, which can add to an already stressful situation.

So now, some are trying to ease that stress by providing narcotics anonymous or alcoholics anonymous meetings online.

“They can do it on their computer, they can do it on their mobile device,” Paul said.

“If church is your thing, there’s churches that are doing things online,” Shifler said.

Even though this is all new, those trying to help are working hard to find the best options for those recovering.

“So we’re just kind of winging it and you know trying to stick together, trying to maintain some sort of fellowship over the phone,” Paul said.

While they may not have all the answers right now, they will continue to do what they can to ensure that everyone gets the help they need.

“I think we’re going to be better at it, one we’re going to be more prepared, but also we’re going to figure out what we can do to help other people,” Shifler said.

We are told the Recovery Resource Center is open 24 hours a day, so people are able to still call and get the help they need.

And if you’re looking for links to the online resources– you can visit the Recovery Resource Center Facebook page.

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