Overdose deaths down in Maryland for the first time in a decade

SALISBURY, Md. – Health officials say for the first time in a decade, overdose deaths are down in the state.

The Department of Health says that from 2018 to 2019, opioid related deaths decreased from 2,149 deaths to 2,090.

Dr. Michael Finegan, a clinical psychologist in Salisbury, says that decline could be thanks to a number of things, including more harm control, more education, and more resources.

He adds that right now, during the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to focus on effective coping mechanisms as stress levels are high.

He says that while coping is important for everyone, its even more important for people who tend to rely on their addictions.

“Focus on that which you have control over, and reduce your focus on what you don’t have control over… your ability to speak up, we can speak up to protect loved ones, we can speak up when we see that people are not engaging in social distancing,” he said.

Wicomico County also saw a decrease in overdose deaths and had twenty nine reported deaths in 2019. That’s one fewer than the 30 reported deaths the county saw in 2018.

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