Open for Business: Royal Plus offers support to essential workers

SNOW HILL, Md. – With more and more coronavirus cases on the rise, the Royal Plus in Worcester County is stepping up to the plate to help protect essential workers in an effort to contain the virus.

“Helping out the essential community, the essential workers, those who feed us, those who protect us, that has been our primary focus,” said Danielle Nauschuetz, chief compliance officer at Royal Plus.

This emergency service group tells us they are working every single day to help disinfect commercial businesses while providing critical items like masks, gloves and more for first responders all across the coast.

But we are told this has not come so easy.

“We’ve been doing that up and down the coast, even up into New York, we’ve sent some stuff up there and we’re doing the best we can, but we’re starting to run low,” said Matthew Odachowski, the founder and president of Royal Plus.

Odachowski says this pandemic has forced his company to make major changes to help meet this new demand while helping to maintain public safety.

“We actually have all of our crews driving in separate vehicles,” said Odachowski.

“Nobody is riding together anymore and it’s just making it more difficult to get the jobs done, but we’re doing them properly and following best practices as we do it,” said Odachowski.

The team is also depending more and more on their disinfecting equipment to get rid of any potential exposure to the virus while encouraging people to help protect those on the frontlines.

“So, it’s real important that if you’re a contractor, an HVAC company, whatever that case may be, donate some of your supplies to the local paramedics in your area,” said Odachowski.

The Royal Plus says they are also working with the nonprofit Operation We Care to help collect personal protective equipment for first responders in the community as well. For more information on how you can help, click here.

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