Millsboro doctor: Independent health care offices facing similar struggles to hospitals

MILLSBORO, Del. – Small independent health care providers say they’re facing similar challenges as hospitals when it comes to things like staffing and PPE.

The Pearl Clinic in Millsboro specializes in internal medicine, sleep medicine and nutrition. The owner says they’re only seeing about half of their regular patients right now, which is creating a loss in revenue. So they’re limited financially and finding it hard to compete with hospitals that have more money to spend on resources.

“Even with medical supply companies that we’ve had years of relationships with and we ordered from them regularly, that’s been a challenge. Obviously other places are reaching out and they’re trying to get resources as well. And you’re in a sense almost competing against everybody else,” says Dr. Sherin Howett, the owner of the Pearl Clinic.

Dr. Sherin Howett tells 47 ABC they’ve also struggled getting financial assistance through things like PPP funding. But since hospitals are overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients right now, she says it’s more important than ever that out-patient health care providers are supported financially.

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