Marine Corps hosting free e-sports tournament in May

MARYLAND– As more and more people are gaming due to this pandemic, the marines are venturing into e-sports as well.

They’ve announced they’ll be hosting a free Rocket League tournament and they’re looking for people to sign up.

The tournament begins May 9 at 7 PM and people can go to their Facebook or Instagram at Marines Baltimore to learn how to sign up.

Winners have a chance to win prizes like chairs and jersey’s.

We’re told their motivation to do this is so people can interact with each other and for the Marines’ to give back to the community during such a difficult time.

“During these times, it’s a time we need to come together, we may be stuck at home but we’re in the 21st century, even though we’re home we should be able to connect and still have all the same fun that we would if we could go out and meet up,” Sgt. Edwin Cracraft, with the U.S. Marine Corps, said.

Sgt Cracraft said that the tournament is not the only new thing they are doing right now.

They say since schools are closed they are using virtual appointments to meet with recruits.

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