Lucky Star in Fruitland opening up for delivery and takeout

FRUITLAND, Md.- Fruitland restaurant, Lucky Star, is opening back up for takeout and delivery on Friday.

The owner of Lucky Star,  Jack Chen, told 47ABC he closed his restaurant on March 22 because he wanted to keep his employees and customers safe from the coronavirus.

Since then, Chen felt the need to reopen his restaurant to give his employees a chance to earn money again and to serve his customers.

Again, Lucky Star will only be offering takeout and delivery to minimize contact with others.

Chen just hopes he will get a positive response from the community after his reopening.

“So, I hope that everybody can stay together to go through the hard time, at least we open local and have that service for our customers , and also I would hope all our customers can understand that so they can support,” Chen said.

Once again, Lucky Star will reopen Friday and they will operate under their normal hours which are typically 11 am to 10 pm.

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