Indian River School District and Sussex Central High School honoring seniors who play sports

DELAWARE– The Indian River School District is trying to give their senior athletes a sense of normalcy by still honoring them for senior night.

The Principal of Indian River High School, Michael Williams,  said that around this time of year the school always honors their seniors who play sports.

But with schools closed during the coronavirus pandemic, they aren’t able to have the event they usually do.

Friday night, the Indian River High School and Sussex Central High school will participate in an event where they will turn on their stadium lights at 8 PM and read the name of it’s senior over the loudspeaker.

“We don’t want there to be a disconnect between our families and the school, we wanna remain connected and we’re very a tight knit community here at Indian River and we wanna keep that connection with our families,” Williams said.

The Indian River High School will set up a live broadcast of the event.

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