Higher number of poison-related calls reported across country as people quarantine at home


SALISBURY, Md. – As people are staying home more often and likely using cleaning products a bit more often, doctors are reminding everyone to use those cleaning products safely.

Some areas across the country have reported a rise in calls relating to unintentional poisonings, either from hand sanitizer or other cleaning products.

Dr.  Gianelle from Your Doc’s In in Salisbury says when ingested, these products can mimic the effects of alcohol. He says parents and adults can take steps to keep these products out of the hands of children.

“The thing is to put it above their reach, or put it in the cabinet, and only bring it out when observing them using it and making sure that they rub their hands together until it evaporates,” Dr. Gianelle said.

President Trump recently received criticism after he made comments about disinfectants and injections. Dr. Gianelle says that people should use common sense, and not ingest any products that are meant for topical use only.

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