DSU Dreamers react to graduation ceremony cancellation

DOVER, Del.  – “It’s very hard and for us, we can’t really describe it because it’s something that we’ve been waiting for so long,” said Indira Islas.

For Islas a DACA recipient at Delaware State University finding out her graduation ceremony got canceled was a major disappointment.

“My family has been through a lot in the last three years aside from all the DACA stuff and so this was going to be like a symbol of hope for our family,” said Islas.

Islas is the first of several undocumented immigrants who came to Delaware State University four years ago with the hope of one day walking on stage for graduation with their families watching. All of them welcomed by the state after facing major challenges back home.

“These are students that were being shut out in their states by the colleges there either by laws that didn’t allow them to go to those schools or by schools that charged them out-of-state tuition,” said Carlos Holmes, director of news services at Delaware State University.

Although they’ll be getting a virtual ceremony next month we’re told these Dreamers have faced several trials and tribulations together. And to not say one last goodbye all together makes it all just a little bit harder.

But we’re told it’s the opportunities and friendships they’ve gained that matters most.

“I might not be able to walk, but just all of the things that I did and able to accomplish, the people I was able to meet, the connections I was able to make, pretty much, that’s just an accomplishment by itself,” said Muhammed Jah, a student and DACA recipient at Delaware State University.

DSU officials say the virtual ceremony for these students will take place on May 16th. However, they are still working on the nuts and bolts for this celebration.

Holmes says Delaware State University is looking at the possibility of postponing the graduation ceremony for these Dreamers until fall.

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