Delaware Technical Community College students unhappy about virtual graduation

DELAWARE–With physical commencement ceremonies cancelled across the board due to COVID-19, Delaware Technical Community College has instead decided to go virtual, but some students¬† aren’t so happy about that decision.

“I’m the first person in my family to go to college, this was a huge accomplishment for me, it was a huge step for my family,” Kasie Bell, a Del-Tech student, said.

That’s why some students from Delaware Technical Community College are fighting to have a postponed in-person graduation, after their college had to cancel the original event due to coronavirus.

“I just find it unfortunate that they couldn’t postpone it like the other schools did,” Rochelle Sheldon, a Del-Tech student, said.

Instead, Del-Tech will have a virtual graduation. But for those like Sheldon, they wanted this opportunity to have their family be able to watch them get that diploma in-person.

“I wanted my sons to be proud of me, I wanted my husband to be proud of me, and losing my father I wanted him to see me walk across the stage, and it was a huge deal for me as well,” Sheldon said.

These students told us the school said they feel this is in the best interest for students and families, but some disagree.

“How does the president or anybody know what is in the best interest of the students and the families when they did not ask,” Bell said.

While the college is sticking to their plan of a virtual graduation as of right now, some said that if their voice is not heard, they will take other actions.

“If they do not change their mind I will protest, I will stand outside with a sign #LetUsWalk,” Bell said.

We are told that there are two petitions out for students to sign to get a postponed graduation.

Links to petitions:

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