Decontamination site up and running in Wicomico County

SALISBURY, Md. – In Salisbury, a decontamination site is now officially up and running to help first responders protect themselves during the coronavirus pandemic.

This decontamination site, which is located on 411 Naylor Mill Road was built by the Wicomico Emergency Services in cooperation with Wicomico Recreation and Parks and the Wicomico Roads Division.

County officials say it will allow first responders to decontaminate their vehicles, equipment and personnel who have been exposed to people with signs or symptoms of the virus.

The site also operates 24/7.

“So, if we disinfect and we go from call to call, a police officer is going call to call, they’ve been around somebody who has signs of symptoms or a positive COVID-19, they can come to disinfect, so they can be available for the next emergency,” said David Fitzgerald, deputy director at Wicomico County Emergency Services.

Officials say it should take 15 minutes to complete the disinfecting process.

They say first responders from all across Delmarva are welcomed to use this decontamination site.

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