Cyber security experts warn about “Zoom bombing”

SALISBURY, Md. – Cyber security experts are warning people that the video meeting programs we now rely on might not be as secure as some might think. “Zoom bombing” is becoming a trend where people who are not supposed to be able to access Zoom meetings are getting in anyway.

Experts say that people using the program should double check their privacy settings, and shouldn’t post the link to zoom meetings on public forums unless necessary. The president of cyber security company PC Matic tells us people are more vulnerable to cyber attacks than ever before. “You see spikes when there’s a significant amount of social stress, and the reason you see those spikes is that people are more vulnerable, right now in particular. We’re locked inside, our social networks are very limited, we want to interact with other people,” said Terrence McGraw.

McGraw says he hopes people will use this uncertain time to become more aware of how they can protect themselves online. He also recommends using more secure platforms for business, like Google Meet and Facetime.

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