Community members in Dorchester County to create care packages

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – In Dorchester County, people in the community are stepping up to the plate to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Cambridge city officials tell us there are many families all across Dorchester County who don’t have access to critical items like masks and gloves to protect themselves from the virus.

That’s why they’re creating hundreds of care packages that will carry these items.

Organizers tell us they’re distributing these packages with the help of different food pantries and they hope these efforts will help make a difference.

“It is our hope that by putting together the care slash goodie bags that this will help enhance the ability of some of our members of our community to hopefully decrease the chance of them contracting COVID-19,” said City of Cambridge Commissioner La-Shon Foster.

We’re told these care packages are expected to be distributed by the middle of next month, but the team is in need of donations.

If you are interested in donating, you are encouraged to call the City of Cambridge at 410-228-4020.

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