City officials seek mental health professional for Camp Hope

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury city officials are looking to add a mental health professional to their team at Camp Hope to help the homeless.

There’s a huge need for a mental health professional to help people in crisis at the campsite, says Christine Chestnutt, Salisbury’s housing and homelessness manager.

Chestnutt says the coronavirus pandemic plus the cold weather is also taking a huge toll on this community.

So, the team is asking for a mental health professional to volunteer hours and help make a difference during these difficult times.

“On of top of being homeless, on top of the pandemic, it’s depressing, it’s depressing for a lot of people,” said Chestnutt.

“So, I just want to provide them a little extra support, so they know that if they need it, it’s available.”

If you’re a mental health professional and you are interested in helping out at Camp Hope, you’re encouraged to reach out via the Facebook page Housing First Salisbury.

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