City of Salisbury opens tent establishment for homeless during COVID-19

SALISBURY, Md.- The City of Salisbury is coming together to make sure the homeless can stay safe during this pandemic.

Thursday, Mayor Jake Day and the City’s Housing and Homelessness Manager announced the opening of a 24-tent establishment called “Camp Hope” to help those without shelter lessen their chances of being exposed to the virus.

The temporary tents are located at Lake St. Playground.

We are told that the City has seen an increase in the homeless population in the last few weeks, due to homeless shelters closing their doors.

“Although it’s nice weather we have a virus that’s spreading through our nation and the world, this is important this is critical and anything we can do to try to protect public health, we are going to do it,” Mayor Jake Day said.

Mayor Jake Day told us that there will be showers, WiFi, cellphone charging stations, bathrooms, and medical supplies at “Camp Hope.”

We are told the Maryland Army National Guard will be providing meals to the homeless daily.

There will also be around the clock security.

Registration to get a tent starts Friday morning at 8 at Lake Street Playground.

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