National Folk Festival rescheduled to September 2021

SALISBURY, Md. – National Folk Festival officials announced on Wednesday that this year’s festival has been rescheduled to September 2021.

Officials tell us with the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, the community effort required to support an event such as the Folk Festival should be refocused to the immediate needs of all partners and participants. They feel the responsible thing to do is to suspend planning for the 80th National Folk Festival in 2020, and focus on community health, safety, well-being, and recovery.

Mayor Jake Day tells 47 ABC there’s so much planning and funding that goes into this event that it likely wouldn’t have had the same impact if they went ahead as scheduled this year. “We have printing to do, right now. We have ad buys on TV to do, right now. That’s got to happen and if it can’t because the audience isn’t going to hear that well then we’re not going to have as good of a festival.”

47 ABC also asked Mayor Jake Day whether the downtown construction had any influence in the decision. He says that did not influence the decision because the festival set up doesn’t include Main Street, adding that the contractors have always had until December to complete that project.

“We feel it is in the community’s best interest to pause our efforts and join others in devoting as many resources as possible toward flattening the curve so that we can return to our normal lives once health officials deem it appropriate to do so. It is disappointing to have to reschedule the festival, but it is necessary. We hope all of our supporters understand why we have come to this difficult decision,” officials said in a statement.

The festival will still be held in downtown Salisbury from September 10th through 12th, 2021. That will be the third and final year of the National Folk Festival in Salisbury. Mayor Jake Day says the city already has plans to create a localized legacy event when the national one moves to a new city in 2022.

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