Adopt-A-Block director looking to form ‘food coalition’ for the community

SALISBURY, Md. – Emmanuel Wesleyan Church’s Adopt-A-Block Director, Mark Thompson, says he’s working on creating a food coalition in hopes of helping more families in need across Wicomico County. Thompson tells 47 ABC he’s hoping that he can reach out to groups who serve or deliver food in the area and consolidate their efforts in order to provide food to everyone in need. Thompson says over the past couple of years, he’s seen a lot of overlap of people providing meals to the community, and has even come across groups who’ve been reluctant to share information with others. So,  Thompson says, by creating this unified group everyone would be able to be the same page while also working together to help serve more families.

“Let’s see if we can join altogether so we can divide this town up into section quadrants, and then that way we can all adopt a neighborhood instead of us all trying to do the same thing with very limited resources,” said Thompson.

Thompson adds that if you’re interested in teaming up with food distribution efforts- you’re encouraged to contact him either through Facebook, or you can give him a call at 443-783-4711

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