Worries for high school seniors because of school closure

DELMAR, Del.–With the closure of schools for two weeks because of the coronavirus, it has affected the lives of high school seniors, including ones at Delmar High School.

Classes have now been moved online.

“It’s definitely been harder to kind of find a routine, I’m not used to being able to wake up when I want or like just learning from home has just been odd,” Sydney Scharf, a Delmar High School senior said.

“So not having that and seeing them through a screen, distance is like a barrier, so it doesn’t feel the same way as it would if we were in the classroom,” Ashlyn Shoemaker, a Delmar High School senior said.

With the transition to online classes being hard as it is,  they also have worries about their AP exams and scholarship deadlines.

“It’s been really difficult to prepare and do all of the scholarships and then I don’t really have a way to turn them in right now,” Scharf said.

“It is very important that we get the test taken, but it’s very up in the air of when we’re going to be able to do it and how we’re going to get it done,” Shoemaker said.

And the worry does not stop there, these seniors told us they worry events, like prom and graduation, may get stripped away from them depending on how long schools stay closed.

“It’s really, really uneasing and like it’s very, very stressful and it,s upsetting because we don’t know if we can actually go to prom,” Kaley Cooper, a Delmar High School senior, said.

And even though Moms like Nicole Scharf are trying to comfort their children at a time like this, even they admit this has been a challenging time.

“I gotta step in and sorta be a teacher and that’s not what I’m trained to do and I’m also trying to work full time and I’m also trying to run my family, Nicole Scharf, a Delmar High School parent, said.

Right now, high schools are closed for two weeks, and we are told during this time the school has been in communication with students and parents to try to make this process as easy as possible.

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