Wicomico and Somerset County fighting for gun rights

MARYLAND–In Wicomico and Somerset Counties, gun rights advocates are taking a stand for what they’re calling their second amendment rights.

“It allows all of us to come together under the same cause for the 2nd amendment and hopefully it will send a big message to the law makers that you know don’t step on our gun rights,” Jamie Wink, Founder of Somerset County 2A Sanctuary, said.

The Wicomico and Somerset County Maryland for Second Amendment Sanctuary groups feel there’s been a constant fight every year to preserve their gun rights.

“Every year it’s the same thing, they put these bills in and try to get them past and they throw anything in there that they can think of,” Wink said.

So this year, they are trying to get Wicomico and Somerset county leaders to pass a second amendment resolution to make the two counties a 2A Sanctuary,
something they said would send a message to law makers that county officials and county sheriffs won’t back new unconstitutional gun laws.

“I hope that with this movement that law makers get the message and stop the onslaught of the fight against the second amendment,” Wink said.

In order to make this happen, they put up a petition and are now asking for the support of officials in the community.

“I support these business owners one hundred percent and I support their resolution,” Mike Lewis, Wicomico County Sheriff, said. “What I do not support is Annapolis law makers trying to tell these business owners what they should be doing with their weapons.”

“In my opinion, Somerset County is already a sanctuary already, I am not going to take a firearm from a law abiding citizen,” Ronnie Howard, Sheriff of Somerset County.

But some community members aren’t on board, saying they feel more laws are needed.

“The gun rights in general just need to be something , I think there needs to be more regulation, I think a lot of people are getting guns from sources that wasn’t their own, so I think that just needs to be what we hone in on,” Patricia Greenwood, Maryland resident, said.

Both Sheriff Lewis and Sheriff Howard told us that they feel these gun law bills in the House and Senate have nothing to do with public safety and are purely politics.

Both of the 2A Sanctuary groups have petitions that people can access on Facebook to pass a resolution.

As of right now, we are told the Wicomico petition has over 1,500 people who have signed, but they are looking for 2,500 total.

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