Valerie Blevins named February Teachers Who Makes a Difference

SNOW HILL, Md. – We are once again honoring a teacher on Delmarva who truly makes a difference every single day.

Mrs. Valerie Blevins is a special education teacher at Cedar Chapel Special School, and she is 47 ABC’s February Teacher who makes a difference!

Mrs. Blevins says she absolutely loves Cedar Chapel Special School and getting to work with her students every day. She says her favorite part each day is teaching her students life skills, like how to make food for themselves or even how to check transportation schedules.

When you talk to Mrs. Blevins, it’s obvious how much she loves her students just by how emotional she gets talking about their progress.

“These kids here just make you feel so good, when you see them make just that tiny little inch of progress, and sometimes it may take all year, it just does your heart good, it really does,” she said, choking back tears.

And a fun fact about Mrs. Blevins: on Halloween, her students dressed up as the puppies from 101 Dalmations and she dressed up as Cruella De Vil!

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