USCIS ends public charge rule for coronavirus cases

SALISBURY, Md. – U.S. officials announced new changes that will help immigrants on Delmarva grappling with staying in the country and finding care amid the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the public charge rule, which took effect last month and punishes immigrants who need public assistance will not apply to those with coronavirus or virus symptoms if they seek care.

They say those who cannot work or attend school and rely on public benefits during the outbreak can later provide documentation that will be taken into consideration.

We are told that this new rule is critical for immigrant families during these uncertain times.

“Will this impact immigrants on the shore or around the country?” said Steven Planzer, a local immigration attorney.

“Absolutely will and if there’s some sort of reprieve or excusal and will that help them to apply for their green cards?” said Planzer, “If it does, great.”

We are told this new change comes after fear that immigrants who are afraid to seek government-funded medical assistance would be detrimental to public health.

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