The Salisbury School students tackle water quality

SALISBURY, Md. – On Tuesday, Salisbury Mayor Jake Day met up with students at The Salisbury School to collect water samples and it was all in an effort to improve our local waterways.

The group collected samples from the Salisbury Riverwalk.

They were looking for things like nutrients and clarity in the water.

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day tells 47ABC the information collected by these students on Tuesday is critical. That is because it is taken into account when the city makes policy and budget decisions.

“It is because of volunteers like the young people behind me and beside me that we are able to know real-time the health of our river and then make decisions, policy decisions about it,” said Day.

We are told that Tuesday’s water sample collection will go to Salisbury University labs to help city officials make policy decisions that will make an impact on our waterways.

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