Tax bill concerns continue in Maryland

MARYLAND-  After a bill that would have put tax on services in the state was killed in the House, Ways and Means Committee, last night, many small business owners are considering it a victory.

Proceeds from the tax hike would have helped for the hefty price tag for the Kirwan Commission recommendations, and many against the bill raised concerns that the passing of House Bill 1628 would’ve hurt both businesses and consumers in Maryland.

However, local business owners are still worried about a companion bill that was filed that would put tax on higher end services, and still hitting those local businesses hard.

“That bill was not voted on last night it was tabled, that is still a threat,” Bill Chambers, with the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce, said. “We fear that some of the services that were on House Bill 1628 are going to be coupled now onto 1354.”

We’re told House Bill 1354 would raise an estimated 74 million dollars a year.

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