SU suspending study abroad programs

SALISBURY, Md.- Some Salisbury University study abroad students are now stuck at home, as concerns about the coronavirus rise, and the university has canceled study abroad programs in Italy and South Korea.

“I was really upset because I don’t think the threat is as bad as the media has made it out to seem, especially in Rome,” Alexander Madoo, an SU student that was studying in Rome, said.

At the beginning of the month, SU followed suit with other universities in Maryland cancelling their study abroad programs in Italy and South Korea.

“We have had to engage with our students there and suspend those programs and ask those students to come home,” Brian Stiegler, Assistant Provost for International Education, said.

In the meantime, it is required those students to spend two weeks away from campus.

“So right now, I’m spending 14 days locked in my basement not interacting with people,” Madoo, said. “I’d like to hear more quickly too because everyday it’s more worrying, more panicking about me not getting credits.”

The university hopes the overall issues that the coronavirus is bringing for their study abroad programs will not push students away from going abroad in the future.

“What will happen culturally, will future students wanna go abroad, will parents discourage students from going abroad, I worry a lot about that,” Stiegler, said.

But some students tell 47ABC that as of right now, they will not be making plans to do so.

“I definitely wouldn’t travel, especially when the coronoavirus is happening, even on campus there are safety concerns, we’re getting emails from the school,” Megan Nau, an SU student, said.

“Right now, I wouldn’t go abroad if someone paid me to,” Glory Ngwe, SU student, said.

Salisbury University said that they will continue to aid students in completing courses, and that they will most likely have to take online classes.

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