SU expanding technology for simulation center


SALISBURY, Md.- A member of Salisbury University’s first nursing class in 1979 granted the college with a $50,000 dollar planed legacy gift.

Donna Parks is paying tribute to SU with this gift from her estate that can be eventually used to expand simulation technology in the Henson Medical Simulation Center nursing station.

The center will be able to purchase new technology like manikin simulations.

We are told because their is a shortage of all kinds of health professions simulations provide opportunity for growth and enrollment because they can create clinical expertise to supplement for clinical experiences at hospitals.

“Knowing that we have this wonderful gift to rely on for future growth is really terrific,” Lisa Seldomridge, Director of Henson Medical Simulation Center, said.
“We have a number of manikins here, but truthfully we don’t have enough manikins to serve the student population. In addition, in simulation, technology is exploding moving into augmented reality, virtual reality, technologies we don’t presently have.”

We are told that Parks’ gift is the first one of its kind for the center that would name a room or space.

Plus, the director said this gift is also exciting because the cost of manikins range from $60,000 dollars to about $150,000 dollars.

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