Somerset County nearing completion of project linking Crisfield to Marion Station

CRISFIELD, Md. – “You’re going to see growth,” said Harvey Linton, a Crisfield resident, “That’s what I’m looking at.”

People in Crisfield, like Harvey Linton, say they are excited for a new biking and hiking trail they say will breathe new life into the area.

“Over the years, you can tell, it just needs some spunk,” said Alfonso Jackson, a Crisfield resident, “Something to spunk the town up.”

A five-mile portion of the trail stretching from Crisfield to Marion Station is now just a couple months away from completion, but eventually, this trail will be 16-miles long serving the entire county.

“When we’re done with the project, it will be fully landscaped all the way, so it will be very attractive with flowering trees and other trees that will change color in the fall, so it’s going to look really nice,” said the Director of the Somerset County Recreation and Parks Clint Sterling.

Business owners like Linton say this trail will not only benefit residents, it will help boost the local economy as well.

“The convenience of this, is what I see, is this bike trail coming into Crisfield is going to bring business,” said Linton, owner of Linton’s Seafood.

“They’re going to stop and buy their drinks and it’s coming right on the state highway of 413,” said Linton.

Ultimately, this new trail will give people from all communities a chance to enjoy what Somerset County has to offer.

“Whether it be our county parks or trails, our trails mix initiative, the state park, get down Somers Cove Marina,” said Sterling.

The first stage of the 16-mile nature trail project, which will extend between Westover and Crisfield, is expected to be completed by May.

They say the first stage of construction was made possible by a combined 5 million dollars in grants from both the federal government and the state of Maryland.

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