Restaurant owners react after Gov. Larry Hogan closes restaurants in Maryland

MARYLAND – Restaurant owners across the state of Maryland are changing their plans on Monday, after Governor Larry Hogan announced the closure of restaurants throughout the state. The closures do not include take out, delivery, or drive through options.

“It’s a great kind of shock,” Rob Mulford, the President of Market Street Inn in Salisbury, said.

“Understandable, a little unnerving for sure,” Vicente Hernandez, the owner of Old Towne Deli, added.

If it sounds like restaurant owners in Salisbury are a little uneasy, it’s because they are after Governor Hogan’s announcement.

“I have just enacted an executive order to shut down all bars, restaurants, movie theaters, and gyms, across the state, effective at 5 p.m. today,” Governor Hogan said at a press conference on Monday.

The restrictions do not apply to take out, delivery, or drive through options, but restaurant owners in Salisbury tell 47 ABC that may not be enough.

“It’s not going to cover the bills or pay for it, or pay the mortgage,” Mulford said.

Hernandez tells 47 ABC that many of his customers come to his restaurant for a break during their day. Now, he says if they can’t do that, he’s worried they may not come at all.

“Having that they can’t come here, they may just pack lunch from home, so that may impact business,” he said.

Restaurant owners add that now some of their employees could have to cut back on hours.

“I told my staff, hey we might need to do limited hours or work things out,” Hernandez said.

And some could even be out of jobs.

“If they need to go collect unemployment, whatever is in their best interest and whatever can work best for them and their families, and whatever we can help with,” Mulford said.

Restaurant owners add that, while they don’t everything figured out just yet, they’re taking these changes day by day.

“I think it’s going to be one of those figure out on the fly, since it’s changing every second, to make a concrete plan now, I don’t think that’s the wisest thing, but we’re just going with the flow,” Hernandez said.


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