Preparations for 101st Delaware State Fair continue


HARRINGTON, Del. – Although a lot of events have been either postponed or cancelled for this summer, preparations for the Delaware State Fair are still underway.

The fair will start accepting exhibitor entries at 9 am on Wednesday, April 1st. That includes competitive exhibits like arts and crafts, farm, fruit, apiary and livestock. Organizers say no one is certain when coronavirus restrictions may be lifted so they’re pushing forward with their plans.

“For us, the planning continues. We don’t know what July is going to bring and we have to certainly be very optimistic. But we will continue to monitor the situation. Safety is first and foremost for the patrons as well as employees,” says Danny Aguilar, the marketing director for the Delaware State Fair.

Delaware State Fair organizers are also posting educational materials on their social media sites for kids who are not in school including coloring worksheets. They’re hosting contests on social media as well with some of the prizes being general admission tickets.

The 2020 Delaware State Fair is set for July 23rd through August 1st in Harrington.

If you have any questions about the 2020 fair you can call 302-398-3269 or visit their website

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