Open for Business: Outbreak brings more demand for cleaning services

FEDERALSBURG, Md. – There is a cleaning service team from Dorchester County that is meeting new demands from the community to protect homes and businesses from the potential exposure of COVID-19.

“A lot of people are starting to call to get their businesses disinfected,” said Robert Thompson, supervisor at Johnson’s Cleaning Services.

The owner of Johnson’s Cleaning Services Bernard Johnson says more and more companies are taking action to disinfect and help stop the spread of the virus and we are told there have been fewer calls to clean homes.

“You do have some residential customers that are pushing back a little bit and waiting until this passes before they have anyone enter their home,” said Johnson.

Johnson says to help meet this new demand and clear out any potential exposure he has revamped his cleaning process by making sure all objects from top to bottom get disinfected.

“It’s just paying a little more attention to detail now,” said Johnson.

“Everything that you touch, especially with things that have a lot more traffic, those things you have to pay attention to now,” said Johnson.

He says it is also critical to follow the right procedures with the goal to defeat the virus.

“Our products come right from the CDC list that approves that can kill coronavirus,” said Johnson.

And ultimately Johnson tells us he is just grateful that business is going while helping to serve the community amid the pandemic.

“So, it’s been a blessing for cleaning companies like myself being able to go out there and continue to earn a living not just for myself, but my employees who depend on my business to keep running,” said Johnson.

The owner of Johnson’s Cleaning Services says in order to get rid of any exposure it is crucial that everyone takes steps to use disinfecting products properly and apply them the correct way.

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