Open for Business: Market Street Inn makes major changes amid Coronavirus outbreak

SALISBURY, Md. – 47 ABC is continuing our coverage of local businesses that have their doors open during the Coronavirus outbreak. One of those businesses is Market Street Inn in Salisbury, who is now relying on take out and delivery orders, but adjusting to their new normal.

“We have made a lot of adjustments since we first began,” Rob Mulford, owner of the restaurant, said.

Business inside of the restaurant could not be any more different than it was just a few weeks ago. Amid the outbreak, Market Street is open for takeout and delivery, but with major changes.

“If you come in to place a to-go order, we’ve kind of roped off how far you can come into the establishment, we’ve put menus up when you walk in so you can look at the menu to order it,” Mulford said.

And while he’s keeping the customers safe, Mulford tells 47 ABC he’s come up with a unique idea to keep his own employees safe, as well.

“You come to the bar to place your order and we’ve got a string with a bell to actually ring if people are in the back, because we have a limited amount of people working,” Mulford said.

And the work to keep everyone safe continues before and after customers are in the building.

“We have our maintenance guy that comes in and sanitizes every morning and every night, and then making sure we’re beyond diligent with keeping things clean,” Mulford said.

And while you’re getting your food, you can get drinks at Market Street Inn, too. Mulford tells 47 ABC that he’s made the restaurant a one-stop-shop in an effort to cut down on people traveling through the community for different food or drinks.

“If I come in here and can just get the food and alcohol, not have to stop here, stop at a convenience store, then I think that’s beneficial,” he said.

And while Mulford says business has been okay, he says the restaurant needs your support now more than ever.

“Just make sure you’re supporting us because there is no guarantee that anything opens back up when this gets through,” he said.


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